Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Successful high-tech companies by Mati Kochavi

As for now, one of the most innovating and interesting personalty in the land of IOT (the INTERNET OF THINGS) is Mati Kochavi, which brings advanced abilities and lots of founds to early stages startups.

Safety has always been a problematic issue when it comes to technology. The tech' is here a while ago, yet privacy and the need to stay human, postpone the development of security and Safety solutions. These days, when the need is clearer, these are the major IOT personal Safety & Security companies:

AGT @Linkedin:

Interesting reading on...Mati Kochavi and Bill clinton's interview:

and the video on youtube:

The examiner praise Mati Kochavi:

TheGaltHerald profile article on Mati Kochavi:

One of the most popular news resources by Mati Kochavi:

The IoTA - AGT’s new Internet of things Analytics platform:

The Obserber on Mati Kochavi's Vocativ:

The 'Data Ninja' on Vocativ:

Samsung and AGT for the third age:

Mybitat founder:

Mati Kochavi on the left


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Which mobile platform should I use to develop a new game application?

Mobile application, especialy gaming appliaction are here and they are here 'big time'. A small gaming factory (two people with 3-5 smartphones, 1 tablet, one apple product, a Linux testing area and Windows based developing platform, one of them is a designer and the other one knows some code...) can become a uhge success in no-time, as soon as he markets a 1 million downloads appliaction. Marketing is more important then developing the right game, then choosing the right platform and....hey?! 'choosing the right platform'? How do I do that...

Gaming Development - Its all about going with 'mister right'
Gaming Development - Its all about going with 'mister right'

Choosing the right developin platform for you:

- Get recommendations.
- Read the FXXXing manual/SDK.
- Test.
- Mega Test.
That's it, within 3-5 bussiness days you should already know what you want, how you gonna get it, and how much will it cost/ROI eventaully.

Android Or IOS for iPhone/iPod/iPad?

There's no doubt - choose Android if you have a bussiness modal that will grow as your audience grows. Choose the Apple family, if you have a clear bussiness modal which supose to convert immidiatly with user #1.