Thursday, August 13, 2009

Independent Flash games studio, is it possible on your own?

independent games
In the last few months I'm really into consulting 3 different teams of Flash games developers. Each team, has it's own problems, goals, abilities, means and way. In the last few months it has been very clear to me - Yes, it is possible to establish your own casual games company.

There are 4 points every team should think about before starting its own business:
1. Do you have business modal?
2. Do you need someone/something you cant get?
3. After achieving the first goal, do you have enough money to pay?

4. Do you have financial business plan?

By asking these question, you'll start arranging what you know and should pay attention to.


buagaga said...

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Your posts are very inspiring.

anny said...

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[MT]OMalley said...

Wow, nice post. I've been working on setting up my own studio. Good tips! said...

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