Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Flash game developer, choose life, choose sponsorship, choose in game advertising

Flash lite?

As a professional Flash game developer, you probably have new game every 2-3 week। As a hobby, amateurs Flash game developers has 1-5 games in total. So, if you're thinking about making money from your great Flash game, think about intro sponsoring, full game sponsorships, in game advertising methods and flash games developing contests.

Flash games contests are the best way to show the public what you've worked so hard (...) on।
1. Most of the game developing contests has demand - 'integrate this', 'change that'....do it.
2. Make sure you read the rules, you can actually take advantage of most the people out there if you just know exactly what do they don't know...
3. You can win prizes, you can take advantage and advertise yourself in your blog, social networks etc - "Please vote for me" etc.

Flash game sponsors as ArmorGames are looking for your kind exactly! Big gaming sites companies needs your game as you need their money, so don't sell yourself short। A good game can get an easy 500 big ones ($) and a great game can shoot for about ~$1,500.

Flash games 'in game advertising' has two major methods: 1। You can implement code like hallpass gives and make some money from intro ads (another good choice will be
mochiads service) 2। You can look for integrated advertising needs from large scale companies and make it an adgame.

Choose life, choose sponsorship, choose in game advertising.