Monday, July 21, 2008

Developing game with microsoft Silverlight

Silverlight is microsofts 'new' technology for designing great and dynamic visual content for sites. As flash by Adobe, developers are creating great games with the silverlight technology and making money from developing great flash/silverlight games. This is the basics, for developing Silverlight online game:

1. You'll need Silverlight - Not the developing platform (or it's little sister - Popfly, the mini Silverlight developing platform), you'll need the player. Remember the first time you were trying to run Flash and the browser asked you to approve the Flash download? Well, SL is the same - go to one of microsoft official sites and download it.

2. Check out some great online games written in Silverlight.

3. Get inspired with some samples.

4. Get sponsorship and intro ads for your game.

5. Market your game.