Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Galcon methods and special tips

Yet another Sexy Galcon PlayerGalcon is one of the best iPhone applications ever made. It started as Python application for Windows, through a very not successful Flash version and these days, every Android user can also play against iPhone/iPod player. Galcon is a game where you conquer starts, you use psychology, frightfulness methods, lots of ego, and friends.

When a beginner start sending stars in his/hers first games, the pros can see it, and abuse it. We (sorry newbies) play hard to get and when a white flag Galcon player is on the game, we crash him...one time, tow time....113 time is my own record. I'm sorry WhotchMe32, I'm sure your therapist will fix you in the next 2, 3, 3001 sessions...:-)

In order to be a pro, you have to know some basic stuff:

1. The cheapest the star is, the better.
2. Small stars will not produce enough ships, this is a one minute game-play, don't be foolish! I know there are other tactics, I also use them, but start from the beginning mmmK?
3. Sometimes, a room with one Admiral (blue flag and up) and a white/yellow/purple player is just one asshole with tow iPhones.
4. If you're playing to get better, play mostly with people use loose for, if you're there for higher rank, then don't.
5. 2VS2 is a great game, yet it has nothing to do with traditional Galcon. I'll write about 2vs2 some other time.
6. Use should always try to fing a path of stars (draw an imaginary line from you to your enemy) you can easily take.
7. If you have a great neighborhood (a bunch of big and cheap stars), don't leave it, defend it.

Enjoy the game!