Sunday, February 13, 2011

Flash games developer - What kind of game should you invest your time in?

Creating a hit - Chloe MoretzThe big question of what kind of games should games developers develop, depends on the goals. If your goal is to learn, then start with whatever you like, think of the game you'd like to play and would be proud about when friends ask for it. If the goal is making money out of game development, then you should make a little research.

Developing social games
Social games are here, and they're probably here to stay. Combine the power of Facebook connect for example, to get rid of the need in user base and user tables, data, registration etc. This way, your game is social even if there's nothing social about its contents.

Developing a hit:
A hit game is not as easy as one newbie Flash game developer might think it is. You're abilities, creativity and founds can't get to low levels if this is your goal. You'll need an amazing idea, a great game engine and some friends who has friends who....

The real thing:
Ohhhhh...there's nothing like developing the next Angry Birds or Galcon...get
down to the ground - think of what is very suitable to the platform and audience
you're aiming to, and get busy with code & graphics.
If you'll look at the top 100 iPhone games in iTunes, you'll see great games with
millions of downloads. If you'll get down in the list, the 200, 400 and even 1000
are great successes. You can get there easily if you'll ride some other game
success. GUARANTEED.

Developing a game about...:
One of the best kind of games - as far as this writer believes - one can develop, are the games about something. It can be about a popular subject like Oil, Nuclear wepons, sports etc, or about a trendy subject like elections, a big storm, celebs etc.

The kind of game you should develop depends of your goals. Think about your goals and make your dreams come true. Any help? Contact me.

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