Thursday, May 22, 2008

How to monetize your Flash Games?

After being a Flash developer, Flash-sites developer that is, I've been working my aXX in the gaming industry. I love playing online, offline and in my back yard, so a figured - why not working in/with/among games and gamers?

Then cam Mochiads, ArmorGames, ArcadeTown etc, and gave sponsorships for game developers. Online Flash games developers that is.
The sponsors gave between $500 and numbers I don't want to write down cause you'll be thinking in your greedy mind: "Maaaann I'm going to develop a breaking Flash game" (It's about $60,000!!!). So, forget about the big money, most of the flash game developers make cents (which comes in total of $300-$600 per month) with pay per click systems (like Mochiads service).
"So that's it? I have to develop 5-10 flash games with more then 100 daily views to make $300-$600 per month?
Develop a hit Flash game and get around $5,000?"

No. If you're really a Flash game developer who want to make money form his work you'll have to combine three things:

- The pay per click systems
- The sponsorships requests sent to 2-3 'bug names' in the business
- Marketing
You can work from home, make a lot of money by developing Flash games. Online Flash games can make you money if you'll mix between the options and make you own marketing.

The first and the easiest way to start marketing your self and your games, is by entering Flash games development contests.
You can find them anywhere (Search Google for flash games development contests). Flash games contest will give you the right amount of exposure you need to begin with. Then to continue the magic, you'll have to follow my guide which is here, available for free in my new blog, depends only in the amount of time I'll have between playing and game developing.