Monday, August 4, 2008

The truth about online gaming industry

There are many gaming industry resource and studies but there's nothing like one person accumulated knowledge to revile the truth about the online gaming industry

Myth: Making money from developing Flash games is hard!
Truth: It's not। Making money from Flash games developing is all about your marketing skills – do your homework, check out sponsorships, in-game advertisement, 'pay per intro' methods and 'pay per intro ads click' methods. Don't forget to submit your game into as many game development contests as you can integrate into your game, they'll make your game exposed and might win some amazing amounts for you.

Myth: Getting my game sponsored is easy!
Truth: It's not. The price of sponsorships went from $200-$1500 for the average Flash game, to $1000-$3000 still it is harder to get the sponsor to spend these amount on your game. There are many 'let's make sponsors and game developers come together sites' (like my own blog –
Flash games money making), but your game must be a potential hit to hit the Jackpot।

Myth: Great games are only made by developing teams!
Truth: They're not। Developing teams can make amazing games, but that doesn't mean you can't…If you'll write down everything, you'll make a better game: 1. The name. 2. The feel. 3. The Sounds. 4. The Main character. 5. The intro. 6. The ending. 7. The scoring. As you can see, developing teams succeed for their good developing management, that's it.

Myth: There are only 3 ways to make money from Flash games – Ads, Sponsorships and getting prepaid.
Truth: There are more – Game developing contests; Google Adsense along the side of your personal games portal; In-game advertising; Revenue sharing programs with social gaming networks and more.