Monday, September 15, 2008

Can you make the best casual game ever?! (Part 3)

Developing the best casual game ever means you deeply understands the true meaning of casual gaming। It means you are skilled developer and it means you should stop…

1। ॥asking your mom how does she feels with the main character movement across the game platform. Loose old & bad habits, use QA gamers.

2। ॥developing while using different substances. Yes, I know – half of you think: " substances?!...using?!?! SAY WHAT?!?" and the other half thinks: "But hi, dude, I mean common, no as in NO?!? way". Try. It'll make your eyes reopened.

3। ॥embedding downloaded MP3 files or ripped YouTube audios into your games. Use talented artists, they waiting for your call.

4. ..using 'black-hat' methods & tricky ways to revile your games. Use the dedicated portals, be dynamic – remake them as application in major social networks. Start your own blog (… ).

That's it for now...C U on Part 4 of "Can you make the best casual game ever?"