Thursday, August 7, 2008

"...and the worst casual games are..." (Flash developers guide for bad games)

There are lots of guides about making great games. Me, myself and my blog are trying for months now to explain our position regarding how to develop top chart casual games (with Flash technology), but this time, it's all about how to make the worth casual game you can.

- Add loud irrelevant looping sound effects.
- Create new navigation psychology, let users explore before starting the game itself.
- Drop all 'skip' buttons.
- Change the main character look every stage and/or minute.

- Design the enemies to look like friends.
- Add ads for the 'full version' along the game play.
- Drop 'pause' option; 'restart';and make the credits scroll after every game play.
- Proportions? Forget about it...
- Don't add any text for the instructions, game play or closing. Let them guess....

Well, I'll stop here before someone starts developing these kind of game. Remember - think of the things you'd like to find in new games, and let it be the basics of your new game.