Saturday, May 31, 2008

Flash Game developers! Read the basic check list for making money by developing FLASH GAMES!

So, you've created a new Flash game. First off all, make a quick check list (which will follow you in your next developed games,and believe, me...after getting fine money for the first flash game, you'll never stop developing them - until you'll have some employees to do that for you):1. 'She's got the look'? Your game can make money for you, but as all selling things in our world, it should have a killer look, graphics etc.2. 'The sound of silence' Your game can make money for you, but as you'll read in all marketing methods books, it'll have to sound exactly as it has to sound.3. Marketing agenda - without marketing proven methods, others experience and brand new innovative marketing plans, your Flash game, will not make any dime for you.