Monday, August 25, 2008

Can you make the best casual game ever?! (Part 2)

The first part of "Can you make the best casual game ever?!" was mostly about basic steps every game developer should take in order to accomplish his best casual game ever. This one is all about 4 points that every casual gamer is hoping to find in your game.

Sexy Flash game developer

1. Scoring – Your scoring system should be based on skills and achievements, remember the psychological factors involved in getting rewarded. Remember that a casual gamer is looking for fun, relaxation and….fun.

2. Make the thumbnail, the intro and the game itself similar – Flash game developers tends to use professional help for the thumbnail & intro graphics while presenting a poor puzzle/maze game. You should keep in mind that a casual gamer is like a new user at your online store – you really need him to pass through all the intro stuff and checkout (play the game) while trusting you as you let him pick on the gameplay just before he started it.

3. Good feedback helps making an intuitive gamplay. Use audio and video to emphasize the positive actions of the gamer.

4. Make sure you develop an idea you're all excited about. You're probably different then your end-customer, however, a work of an excited professional is always better then another crappy puzzle.

That's it for now...C U on Part 3 of "Can you make the best casual game ever?"