Thursday, November 13, 2008

The best six tips for Flash game developer to make money

Six flash developing games tips
There are a lot of tips which I can blurb (and already blurbed) about, in money making methods and the ongoing marathon। However, now – today – you've just came across the best six tips for Flash game developer about 'how to make money from Flash games developing'.

1. The oldest way to make money is getting the game sponsored – You do it after developing it, getting the best audio and graphics you can. Pros: It's cash. Cons: Hard to get.
2. Host your games and draw the players in – There are several independent Flash game developers who activated personal sites for own games hosting. They put ads around it, they have millions gameplays. Pros: No middle-man. Cons: You should understand SEO.
3. In game ads – Their simple, gets you a fluent income and possible to combine with 1 + 2. Pros: Very fast integration. Cons: Less than $1 for every 1000 gameplays.
4. Sell the game/your abilities – McDonalds, CNN and other great companies are looking for game developers for commercial needs. Be the one. Pros: Lots of money. Cons: Very hard to get.
5. Good game is a one with lots of "I die for this game" users. So make a better version and take money for it. They'll buy it. You'll make money. Pros: You make money for a game 90% already developed. Cons: You should first develop a hit.
6. API IntegrationHallpass, Kongregate etc, might pay you for integrating their API into your game. This way, you'll be sending highscores directly into their database, and get paid for each user/integration/game. Pros: Trendi, very important for public relation and social marketing. Cons: It's the end of the tip.