Sunday, October 2, 2011

Making money from Social Game development / adjust Flash games to Facebook

You (and I) would love to read these first lines: Yes, you can adjust any of your Flash games to Facebook/Social games and make lots of money. But the truth is you can't, it's so hard that you will mist certainly make more money asking your parents, then with these methods. Why? Why can't a developer make money with social games?
It is a social world, don't lose your head while developing

1. If you're Zingya, you can make money from social gaming, You can also make money from developing lots of social games with social virtual goodies if you have lots of time, money to market and a deep knowledge about how this industry works. In other words - 99% of you my dearest readers, can't.

2. Getting a stand alone Flash game into Facebook is like teaching your grandmother to use twitter. It'll work, no one will follow.

3. Most of our days adjustments methods are complected as your game is. If it is a running stick, there will be no problems, but if your game is more than that (I hope it is), you'll get frustrated trying to convert it.

In other words, if you want a social game, study the industry and develop a social game to begin with.