Wednesday, August 6, 2008

4 great tips to get your Flash game sponsored

This 'how to get sponsor to my Flash game' article could have been twice as long at list, however, I choose only 4 really important points so you'd remember them, implement them, and then come back to my blog for some more…and there will be more.

1: Take your time – sponsoring a game is not an easy job
You should take under consideration that sponsoring a game is somehow a daily job। You need to be patient, take your time…it might take a few weeks before all sponsors even read your request.

2: Let the world know you're looking for game sponsor
Send your 'sponsor my game' request to every site/portal/person who deals with sponsoring games। Send it again if you got no answer.

3: Make good relations with game sponsors
Be polite, don’t' barge or resend email to 'no' sources। Show the potential sponsor a finished game with great audio and graphics. Ask (gently) for tips, sponsors are familiar with this crazy market of casual games.

4: Game sponsorship is all about timing
a. Send your sponsorship request before reviling your game in game based communities.
b. Send your game to the sponsor without any in-game advertisement.
c. Don’t jump on a high offer, it might get higher.
d. Send a game as G-rated as you can.
e. Optimize your code for less processing power.

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