Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Successful high-tech companies by Mati Kochavi

As for now, one of the most innovating and interesting personalty in the land of IOT (the INTERNET OF THINGS) is Mati Kochavi, which brings advanced abilities and lots of founds to early stages startups.

Safety has always been a problematic issue when it comes to technology. The tech' is here a while ago, yet privacy and the need to stay human, postpone the development of security and Safety solutions. These days, when the need is clearer, these are the major IOT personal Safety & Security companies:

AGT @Linkedin:

Interesting reading on...Mati Kochavi and Bill clinton's interview:

and the video on youtube:

The examiner praise Mati Kochavi:

TheGaltHerald profile article on Mati Kochavi:

One of the most popular news resources by Mati Kochavi:

The IoTA - AGT’s new Internet of things Analytics platform:

The Obserber on Mati Kochavi's Vocativ:

The 'Data Ninja' on Vocativ:

Samsung and AGT for the third age:

Mybitat founder:

Mati Kochavi on the left


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mati Kochavi and the Nipsters phenomenon - Nazi fans and an international beauty queen contest

They are sexy, seductive and attract the young audience that does not necessarily believe in their ideological path. No, we are not talking about headscarves on behalf of Da'ash (ISIS) who are attempting to bring down international citizens (mainly Muslims and Jews, Europeans and Middle Easterners - each for various purposes of operation) in their magic, this is the new and impossible equation: Hipsters+Nazis= Nipsters, and how the dip web content company of Mati Kochavi (VOCATIV) helps fight the phenomenon.

Nipsters, Mati Kochavi and the Dark-Net

Young people - in general and especially in our days when it is easily accessible and makes you unique - love to rebel, in anything. The neo-Nazi movements in Germany, Russia and even in Western Europe and the United States are gaining momentum due to xenophobia and no less than the Coolness. The 'Coolness' is expressed for every neo-Nazi in another way. Here are the testimonies of neo-Nazis about 'why they belong to ...':
# It's good to be part of an pro-country ideology
# It gives me exposure to other things I do
# It continues the way of our grandparents
# It's Cool

Mati kochavi & Vocativ stops the nipsters
Nipster Girl

The big problem of the world dealing with the phenomena of Nazism, especially on the Internet, is the fourth reason - it's Cool. The German girls, Russian women and others find themselves dressed in tight army clothes, boasting like the glamorous girls of the 1940s and associating themselves with a new obscene movement. Nipples are hipsters that add Nazi elements, with leading brands in the field, which have accelerated to the Miss Hitler competition - an online event where the most 'nipister' girl was scheduled to be online. An event that was prevented and beaten by the media due to a creative company of the Israeli entrepreneur Mati Kochavi - Vocativ.

How did the positive discovery affected the network?

Vocativ of Israeli entrepreneur and international businessman Matti Kohavi is engaged in the deep network, in order to find and produce the story of tomorrow. As such, it first reaches unknown places, draws conclusions and floods them into the mainstream media. Such news easily comes to the real prime time of the media and from there the way to condemn and stop the beauty ceremony Miss Hitler,  was short.

Mati Kochavi // Vocativ
Mati Kochavi // Vocativ