Monday, November 24, 2008

There's something about NewGrounds….

Cranck - Is NewGrounds collapsing?
Newgrounds।com or in its humanly name Tom Fulp (a young, talented site/games developer and na├»ve some might say) is a veteran gaming portal, still aiming for thaws lonely-lets-play-all-day teenagers. Nevertheless, Tom's wife gave birth almost live on their blog, the site handles hundreds of new summation daily, the unique points system still kick's ass, and the new gold membership method, along with the independent merchandise store, there's something about NewGrounds, that keeps it ticking.

Let's take a look at statistics

1. Tom (`30) launched on 1995.
2. More than 1.5 registered users.
3. Since Nov, 2007 about 500K of Flash files were submitted, about 30% are online.
4। July, 2007 – Tom relaunched the site with its content rating methods.
NewGrounds, in a social way

NewGrounds is one of the oldest 'let's make it a little more than just a game portal and let people create content regardless to the game' sites around। Every user gets a cool personal page with blogging capabilities and games/images/Flash files uploader। Flash game developers are enabled to integrate NewGrounds's API kit, and make money while serving NewGrounds Ads.
NG, Pros:
- Great games.
- One of the best places to be after you're a serial game developer.
- Tom keeps it updated - graphically and mentally.
- The game developing community is there.
NG, Cons:
- For a Flash game developer, it'll be very hard to start among sharks.
- Not that friendly for first time user, especially not for casual gamers.
- The personal pages are somehow boring if you see more then 10.
- It seems like only professional are welcomed.
Are there any NG alternatives?
1. For socializing and gaming: Kongregate, Nonba.
2. For gaming and socializing: Miniclip, ArmorGames and Hallpass.