Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Monetizing Flash games – What kind of Flash game developer are you…?

Monetizing Flash games is the act of making money out from the game you've developed। As a Flash game developer, you must already know that in order to develop Flash game, you'll need: 1. A good idea. 2. Flash developing skills. 3. Design skills (or a designer partner). 4. Web connection (to download free audio or send your audio partner – 'hey mate, I need a new track for my new game'). So you're not spending any money? Oh yes you are…the time, the work, the 'if I'll win this contest you'll get 25% mannn!' etc. In order to monetize your Flash game, first think of how much time & work, you're going to spent.

Before going into in-game-advertising, game sponsorships rendezvous etc, you have to determined what kind of a Flash game developer are you…?

The novice/the beginner/I'm in for the money Flash game developer:
- You can develop a game in one day….hack; even a few hours will be enough for you…
- You create a very simple gameplay, no leveling, no professional design.
- Your audience understands your game in seconds।

The talented Designer/Developer who decided he can make it big time:
- You understand the Flash abilities, and use them.
- Your need in a great game is leading your gameplay thoughts.
- You use powerups, complex leveling and great music.
- You might be under contract that demands games in time।

The Flash Games master:
- You use architecture methods to plan your game.
- It takes you months to make the final version.
- Amazing visualization of the gameplay, professional audio.
- Usually, you're working in a team।

Each of these Flash game developer types should know his/hers status and expect to monetize according to how much they've spent.