Thursday, January 15, 2009

Casual games industry 2009 forecast in 3 points

Sexy Girls holding playstation 3
As many respectable authorities speaks tones about 2008 successful casual games year. I would like to take a moment of your developing process, and share my forecast with you. What will it be like in 2009, as far as the casual games industry cares?

1. Financial issues and political opportunities: As long as the dinner stays at home due to law salaries and empty restaurants, people will continue to play in house games. Online web games as consul game machines are more welcomed then ever, in every kids and living rooms, around the glob. If Barak Obama fails with his 'the other chick' method on the Iranian issue, America might need some new war titles, as Gaza & Israel pushed abot 5 good titles online in the last few weeks.

2. Technology: Flash is huge now more then ever, and Apple as well as Nokia and Microsoft are whiling to fight. The operating systems are going to enhance the Flash into their agenda and MS still fights with the "I've got a better or as good as yours" method, with Silverlight V 3. Once Adobe understood the power of Flash in the gaming industry, it has become irrelevant to fight. Most of the online casual scene is made of Flash and Flash light games.

3. Marketing: Independent Flash game developers can choose: A. I"ll make my own game, win prizes, get some sponsors and earn in-game advertising cents for years and you'll find me all over the social networks, gaming portals and yearly meetings. B. I"ll work for my boss, 24/7 and make games per title or as a part of a talented team, distribution? His problem!. C. I"ll create special ad-games for big companies combining my talent with my marketing abilities.