Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gaming is good for….gamers?!?!

According to a research held by Boston University, gaming can improve surgical skills, junior high students' abilities, and the scientific thinking of real sports players. The bad news? Violent games can make you….violent!

In the American yearly psychology conference, researchers displayed their series of gaming researches, showing that a computer based game, can improve learning abilities and has a real influence over the gamer.

7 grade students had better processing and planning ahead abilities after playing 20 minutes in a video/computer base game they've never seen before. Medical teams were operating better surgical maneuvers as being (after hours…;-)) gamers.

"If you want to find a great doctor, ask him for his gaming history" said the psychologist Duglass Gentiel from Aiwa University. "Instead of – what are my chances, ask your doctor are you a gamer".

World of Warcraft is getting (you) better!!

Studies shows that playing World of Warcraft online multi player role game can really make you think better and calculate more parameters then the next person.

Another research shows that students, who used to play in violent games, were comfortable with real life violence.