Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Big changes – Kongregate is getting social

One of the only (and lonely) independent game developers community sites, is as well known – Kongregate। K gives a very profitable business model for game developers and recently changed their whole interface in order to become more social. Is it all about a new gamers/developers social network?

Since early 2007, young/old, companies & independent game developers has finally got the right web support they needed। Mochiads started serving in game advertising (as Google does since last month), NewGrounds became more serious and two American brother & sister established Kongregate.
The K interface changed few weeks ago living no doubt: Kongregate needs the casual gamers and is whiling to invest in socializing tools. As long as K's developing community stays in-house (as they called to stay since the restriction of using other in-game advertising methods), that just might work.

However, since the launch of the other gaming social networks for game developers, there are rumors about amazing socializing and marketing tools for game developers. The business model is the same as K's (without the restriction) + the Google Adsense revenue sharing.