Tuesday, July 15, 2008

5 Major hit themes in online gaming

As flash game developer you'll find your self wondering about 3-4 times a month - "OK, I've done with my last flash game, what should be my next games theme?!?"
Lets talk about the five most wanted themes in the online gaming world: Shooting, dressing, sports, escaping, brain teasers.

Shooting games are always fun - you collect weapon, you kill the bad charters ad there's blood all over.

Dressing games can make you numb but they're real hit among Asia and female online gamers.

Sports games with traditional goals tends 2 be easy to understand without 'how to play' reading and therefor very popular.

Escaping games are the online version of quest games - you look for stuff to help you with coming issues.

Brain teasers (as Tettris RIP) can boiled your head and they're all about making your logical thinking work.

Develop wisely!