Monday, February 16, 2009

Sense and Sensibility of casual games in game consuls

Influence in the gaming industry It has been a wild move and it seems to be the right one – game consuls are getting more casual than ever, along with casual abilities, games and methods. How the consuls did influence the casual games industry and how did they influenced back on the consul game industry.

Atari>Sega>PC games and then the PS series, was aiming for the best graphic abilities. Only one poor gambling putted Nintendo's eggs in the casual basket and boy were they right…the casual thinking of Wii consul became a hit in the consul games world, and ever since then, the casual gaming has lifted its head and these days, casual online gamers can look straight in the eyes of the traditional consuls gamers.

After getting the casual games up front, the casual games started to have influence on other game consuls. PS2 and 3 came with 'eyetoy' for simple interactive games, and the PC games world / online games world are fulfilled with very simple yet addicting games.

A traditional game developer had to choose between consuls, PC, PDA's and web based development methods and goals. These days, there is a new generation of developers and developing tools for cross or (at the list) multi platform games.