Monday, September 15, 2008

Can you make the best casual game ever?! (Part 3)

Developing the best casual game ever means you deeply understands the true meaning of casual gaming। It means you are skilled developer and it means you should stop…

1। ॥asking your mom how does she feels with the main character movement across the game platform. Loose old & bad habits, use QA gamers.

2। ॥developing while using different substances. Yes, I know – half of you think: " substances?!...using?!?! SAY WHAT?!?" and the other half thinks: "But hi, dude, I mean common, no as in NO?!? way". Try. It'll make your eyes reopened.

3। ॥embedding downloaded MP3 files or ripped YouTube audios into your games. Use talented artists, they waiting for your call.

4. ..using 'black-hat' methods & tricky ways to revile your games. Use the dedicated portals, be dynamic – remake them as application in major social networks. Start your own blog (… ).

That's it for now...C U on Part 4 of "Can you make the best casual game ever?"

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Game developers, stop using Flash for game developing!!!

As a game developer, casual games that is, you can choose to develop your game (assuming the graphics, audio and the idea itself are 'no problem' missions for you) in Java, Shockwave, Flash or SilverLight. Let's look closely on the Yes's and No's regarding casual games development platforms and developing languages.

Flash game developer sexy legs

SilverlightSilverlight, a new technology by Microsoft is in its (very) early stages and therefore should be treated differently. I think you should read and test it, it might become a hit. For these days, leave MS products as far as you can from your mind.

Java –"Every computers runs Java", true although there are more Flash players installed on PC's around the world then Java support.

Shockwave – forget it! It's a dying technology with no real future.

a. Once upon a time, there were many site developing companies who developed full Flash sites. However these days, no reasonable client would ask for full Flash site and Adobe invests in the Flash abilities as casual game developing platform.
b. Most of the worlds PC's runs Flash player.
c. Most of the game portals accept Flash games with no problems.

So…do you really think you should stop using Flash for game developing???