Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Which mobile platform should I use to develop a new game application?

Mobile application, especialy gaming appliaction are here and they are here 'big time'. A small gaming factory (two people with 3-5 smartphones, 1 tablet, one apple product, a Linux testing area and Windows based developing platform, one of them is a designer and the other one knows some code...) can become a uhge success in no-time, as soon as he markets a 1 million downloads appliaction. Marketing is more important then developing the right game, then choosing the right platform and....hey?! 'choosing the right platform'? How do I do that...

Gaming Development - Its all about going with 'mister right'
Gaming Development - Its all about going with 'mister right'

Choosing the right developin platform for you:

- Get recommendations.
- Read the FXXXing manual/SDK.
- Test.
- Mega Test.
That's it, within 3-5 bussiness days you should already know what you want, how you gonna get it, and how much will it cost/ROI eventaully.

Android Or IOS for iPhone/iPod/iPad?

There's no doubt - choose Android if you have a bussiness modal that will grow as your audience grows. Choose the Apple family, if you have a clear bussiness modal which supose to convert immidiatly with user #1.