Monday, October 27, 2008

Three web sites no Flash game developer can avoid these days

Artificial Life V Girls

As a Flash game developer, you have 3 reasons to check out new/leading web sites: 1. You take a break (and this is what porn sites are for). 2. You have to see others work & trends. 3. You have to make money from your casual games and you're looking for monetizing methods. Well, drop the porn sites, and I'll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

1. ArmorGames - a। The first thing you should know is that they have no porn content. Sorry. b. Armorgames is an amazing place for casual games. They have it all - they sponsor games, they hire game developers - they need new games in order to pass the next month, and as a content creator you are wanted!

You also have MiniClip, Meez, Cafe, NewGrounds etc - Don't worry most of them are unique and special in it's own way। Flash game developers should take advantage over the differences between these great sites. Mochiads is a little different - they're all about giving you great business modal.

2. Facebook - a। They know gaming (especially social gaming) is the thing that makes it going, so they invest in game developing and the usabilty of their applications. b. They have more audience that you need.

Myspace as Facebook, Bebo (with the dual support of facebook applications as well as OpenSocial methods by Google) all give a great stage for gaming between the virtual worlds they create around you। Use them to market.
Good old Kongregate (which disallow having in game advertising rather then they're own), give flash game developers the opportunity to upload games, having them monetized by in game and around game ads, socialize and getting the suitable stage as been a real content creators. Kong treats game developers as YouTube(/Google) treats film makers.

Monday, October 13, 2008

How much money can a Flash programmer make from Flash game developing?

Flash game developer make money?
Since start blogging about making money as a Flash developer, I've been filtering the big question of most of the Flash developers out-there: How much money can a game developer make as a freelancer? How much money can a Flash developer make by developing Ad-games? Join in-game-advertising networks? Let's start…

Most of the Flash technology programmers in the world were in some point of her life in the situation where they had to decide: Should I go into casual games developing? This issue was on my mind as a Flash site developer since it’s all about finance questions – How much money will I make if I'll stop developing crappy Flash sites and start develop amazing casual games.
If you try to calculate how much will you exactly make – you're heading the wrong way.

Ask yourself first:

1. Can I run my own business?
2. Can I work from home?
3. Do I have the ability to work alone, in professionalism matters?

4. Am I ready to get into the online life of MySpace/Faceboook/NewGrounds/Xpogames etc…? (If you just said: "Huh?" them forget the rest, you're not ready!).
Check out these few facts:
1. There are special portals for game developers: Kongregate, Armor Games, Miniclip etc. Use them.
2. Mochiads (and Google with new bet testing) can supply advertisers for any Flash game. You get paid per click (for 1000 gameplayes, you'll get around $1).
3. Developing games in Flash is the easiest way (the easiest, not 'easy') to get into the game development world.